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Testing My Limits

Testing My Limits with this hot and sexy girl Serena getting her ass fucked and letting her man finish on her big boobs in this Allfinegirls anal movie! This seductive girl has beautiful boobs and a lovely shapely rump that had her guy dying to feel her hot cunt hugging his thick stiff cock. She started things off by giving him a blowjob that made it very hard for him not to cum but he managed to hold it in because his intention was to screw her relentlessly and make her cum hard. Her then took off her clingy purple silk dress kissed her sweet body all over. He then gently, with many caresses, took sucked on her nipples until they were very erect. After fucking her in the missionary and making her cry out the name of God, again and again, heathen then rolled her over and fucked her hard up the butt, until she was almost screaming for him to stop. At the last minute, he pulled out to splash a huge load of cum all over her sweet ass cheeks.