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My Humans Needs

My Humans Needs with this sexy blonde teen Feona fucked hard by her horny boyfriend in this hardcore Allfinegirls video! This blue-eyed blonde has a body that is exceptional in every way, from her high set tits to her tiny waist to her firm fuckable. He pulled his pants and briefs down and she giggled a bit laughed because his huge stiff wang seemed to pointing right at her. After a small fun chase around the room, in which his cock seemed to always be pointing at her like a compass, the two of them ended up tussling and kissing in the white cotton sheets of her bed. He entered her and then stroked his cock in and out of her slick wet cunt, sometimes letting it fall right out, before guiding it back in, which drove her crazy with lust. Finally she rolled over on top of him and encased his pole inside of her, bouncing up and down on his cock until he felt he had no choice but cum while his cock was still gripped by her tight twat muscles.